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BeShea Book Blessings

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Here at BeShea, we love books.

We also love (pre-Covid)meeting up at your friends house or in a coffeeshop, and chatting about books, eating good food, maybe a glass or two of prosecco and ya know, just reasoning on life.

Sometimes it’s not always possible to meet in person, especially during these unprecedented times. Most people have friends who also live far away.

That's why BeShea is starting a book blog! 

Yaaaaaay! I hear all you book lovers scream!

We will be sharing books on beauty, hair, body, skin, natural, organic, you name it!

Books we've read, loved and feel will also be beneficial to you. Also books we will be adding to library.

So lets kick it off with our first recommendation....

If you love it, it will grow...

A guide to healthy, beautiful natural hair by Dr Phoenyx Austin.

Dr. Phoenyx Austin, M.D., fitness specialist and natural hair guru, explains how to grow and maintain healthy and longer afro-textured hair.

This book really covers every topic related to natural hair care, from a scientific breakdown of the structure of hair, the basics of hair growth and damage, the importance of good nutrition and its effects on hair health, scalp issues, to a chapter dedicated solely for new naturals and so much more..

BeShea 100% recommend this book and adding it to your collection.

Let us know if you have read this book x

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